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Photo Recovery Software

How to recover photos from formatted, corrupted or damaged USB drive?

USB drive is portable data storage media that uses flash memory to store data. USB drive is used to store all types of data like digital photos, pictures, word files, mp4/mp4 files and more.

Photos, images and pictures are one of the loved things in any body’s life. It captures the moment of life for long time. However there are some reasons that would lead to cause to lost photos from USB drive. Some of the reasons are formatted or reformatted drive, logically corrupted drive, inaccessible drive, damaged USB drive, virus infected USB drive, accidental deletion of picture files etc.
If you lost your memorable photos from USB drive and you don’t have backup of these picture files then effective photo recovery software helps you to get back your entire lost pictures or photos in convenient way.

Method to recover picture files from USB drive:

Most of the people believe that once photos have been lost from USB drive, it is lost forever and may not be recovered. But in realty it doesn’t happen. The photos are remains in the USB drive still these picture files are overwritten by other files. Its doesn’t matter in which data loss conditions your photos have been lost, photo recovery software is fully compatible to recover your deleted photos in all data loss cases.

To recover your lost photos from USB drive you may firstly download and install the photo recovery software to your desktop PC or laptop. After installing the photo recovery software, you need to connect the USB drive, from which you want to recover image files. Photo restore software deeply scans USB drive and recovers your lost photos within minimal time.

Some useful tips to prevent pictures from USB drive:

  • Do not remove USB drive from your PC or laptops whenever read/write process is in progress.
  • Use USB drive of major brands like Kingston, Transcends, Dell, Sony, SanDisk etc.
  • Do not store new data in USB drive whenever your precious data has been lost.