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MultiMedia Card

MultiMedia Card

MultiMedia Card (RS-Size MMC Card, DV-MMC Card, MMC plus Card, MMC Mobile Card, MMCmicro, SecureMMC Card, eMMC Card ).

Multimedia card (MMC card) is flash memory card that is based on Toshiba's NAND based flash memory. MMC card is smallest memory card that is developed in 1997 by SanDisk Corporation and Siemens AG. The size of multimedia card is small and same as the size of postage stamp. There are so many types of MMC card like RS-Size MMC Card, DV-MMC Card, MMC plus Card, MMC Mobile Card, MMCmicro, SecureMMC Card, eMMC Card etc.

Multimedia card is used in mobile phones, digital audio players, digital cameras and PDA devices. MMC card is available in different capacity and used to store photos, pictures, images, mp3/mp4 songs, audio/video clipping etc.

MMC card recovery:

Memory card recovery software works as MMC card recovery program that quickly retrieves deleted pictures, images, audios, videos and other precious data from different types of MMC card data storage device such as DV-MMC Card, MMC Plus Card, MMC Mobile Card, MMCmicro card and other types of MMC card. Card recovery program provides advanced inbuilt disk scanning technique to scan and recover your lost data.

How to recover data from formatted MMC card

After you format the MMC card, the boot area and file information blocks (Root, FAT) were emptied and initialized. Memory card looks like as it is empty and contains no files, but the files are still there until these files are not overwritten by new files. It is still possible to recover these files by using card recovery software.

Tips for safe recovery

Immediately stop saving new pictures, videos and other data on the same memory card. If you do so, your data may be gone forever. Remove the card and don’t use it again, until you recover all lost data in it.